16 September 2009

first party recap

This is where that whole challenge comes in of balancing my domestic pursuits and my career realities. We had a great party on Saturday, and here it is Wednesday, and I still haven’t had the time to post a few photos and a little recap. :::sigh:::

As to the party…

We were thrilled with everything about Saturday’s party… attendance, the vibe, how the food and drink came out…. and we will definitely do it again sometime soon. Mark’s birthday is in November, and December is a natural time for holiday parties…

Though I did, of course, forget to take pictures during the actual party (which means I missed out on taking pictures of the amazing Sprinkles cupcakes array that Mark arranged for Edward and Toby to pick up and bring with them), I did remember to take pictures of the food that we made for the party. Here’s how everything turned out:

The full buffet, making use of my favorite serving dishes

The clear favorite, roasted tomato caprese skewers (roasted tomato recipe based on Ina Garten’s)

The second-most-popular roast beef and horseradish crostini (recipe here)

The tasty but less-popular proscuitto-wrapped figs (apparently people are either not into or have not been exposed to fresh figs... who knew?!)

Snacks on the coffee table  

The bar, including St. Germain for the wildly (to use a Lucky Magazine word) popular signature cocktail

Some lessons from the party:
  • Make sure to taste the avocados before making the guacamole. Despite looking and feeling *perfect*, the avocados were absolutely flavorless (and maybe even hinting at a green banana flavor), and we had to throw out four big avocados worth of guacamole. I've never experienced this before, especially with California avocados. Sad.
  • Placecards to tell vegetarians which foods are safe for them are practical, but make people feel like the food is too fancy to eat. I'm guessing that Martha would use placecards, but Ina would not. 
  • Sorry to tell you, figs, but they're just not that into you.
  • When the Sprinkles arrive, everyone becomes like a little kid, in a good way.
  • It's safe to underbuy wine, because guests will always bring some.
  • If your signature cocktail is tasty enough, hardly anyone will drink anything else, and all that beer and wine you bought will just continue to take up fridge space. We did the St. Germain cocktail this time, and next time I want to try the wasabi cocktail that Mark ordered when we took his brother to Koi in July.
  • Wasabi peanuts (shockingly hot) are a great conversation-starter, especially for macho boys who want to show off to one another.

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  1. i'm a little hurt that people didn't like the fresh figs, and i wasn't even at the party!!!! doesn't everyone love sweet and salty? oh well. sadly if i had been at your party, which would have been great, i wouldn't have been able to sample the figs in prosciutto b/c i'm allergic to raw figs! bummer. cooked on a pizza though? i'm in!


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