24 September 2009

an old housewife's helper to the rescue

It’s 7:30 p.m., and I’m still at the office. Will be for a while yet. I’ve been here since 7:30 this morning, and that’s about the same story it’s been all week. Sigh.

It is nights like these when I feel pretty darn smart for putting the crock pot to use last night. At least I know that a home-cooked dinner is waiting for me at home… after a little microwave reheating.

When I cook crock pot meals, I feel a little too Betty Crocker for my taste. The crock pot makes me think of tough, brown, overcooked meat, and an abundance of beans. In general, I prefer for my food to have minimal time on the heat (mmm… blue rare steak…). But, during a busy week when we have already ODed on Koo Koo Roo, it’s great to know that I can throw a few things in the pot and eat pretty well the next day.

So tonight’s dinner (which I am only putting off until later and later by writing this) is a lovely pork chile verde, based on a recipe we learned at a cooking class we took in Solvang over our anniversary weekend in August.

It’s a tad more involved than many crock pot meals, but it’s sooooo worth it. A little pork shoulder, simmered to remove the proteins that cause scum to form. A little roasted poblano pepper with the char washed off, with some sautéed onions and garlic. A bunch of pureed tomatillos, a little dried oregano and cumin. Cook it till the pork is falling apart and then toss in some chopped cilantro. Mmmm…. so hungry... must finish working...

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  1. that pork dish sounds amazing! i don't care if they aren't the most fashionable kitchen appliance; i am totally getting one when i finally have a home! crock pot, or slow cooker, recipes are actually the biggest traffic driver to my site - can you believe it? surprising only b/c they've only just recently made it to the uk. but they make so much sense, it was only a matter of time! our competitors haven't caught on - either that or BBC Food thinks it's too good for crock pots!!!! not me!


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