02 November 2009

life is what happens...

... when you're busy making other plans... and traveling, getting sick, or getting wrapped up in all kinds of things.

Lately I am feeling not so much like a postmodern hostess, but like a postmodern failure. I'm not just behind on the blog, I'm behind on all the things that I would otherwise have to blog about.

Project: Sewing a doll for nephew Jesper's first birthday, this weekend
Status: Just cut out the pattern and fabric last night. Have not embroidered the face or sewed the body together yet.

Project: Fall crop of vegetables
Status: I let the seedlings die of neglect. Fall garden mission aborted.

Project: Finalize Thanksgiving menu
Status: My Thanksgiving-themed magazines with recipes are sitting in a pile, but I have yet to flip through them and pick out side dish recipes. (We've also given up on a heritage turkey by default... it's too late to order one.)

So... some definite instances of falling behind, and some downright failures. But, there have been some upsides of neglecting the domestic priorities. For example...

I got the swine flu out the way before the weather got colder, which would have no doubt made it worse.

I got an A on my first macroeconomics exam. Take that, community college

We took a really nice trip out to Joshua Tree for Edward's birthday, and saw our first wild tarantula.

And I spent a week in DC which involved some productive work meetings, some training runs (10 miles solo -- wohoo!), and a stand-up role for Mark at the lovely wedding of some friends.

At home, I may get to run at the beach, but the morning run was a pretty great way to see the sights of our nation's capital.

At a dinner with Cathryn at the Quill (fantastic spot!), I tasted my first Chateau D'Yquem, the holy grail of Sauternes. (Not the best year in history, but that's why it was *relatively* affordable, at a still-ridiculous $45/glass.)


And then Jeff and Lauren's lovely wedding.

So, we've had some good times, and a bit of stress. But I'm back on the wagon starting now! More soon...

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