21 November 2009

recipes that didn't make the cut

I know I have written a lot about Thanksgiving, but for those of us who are domestically inclined, and who love to cook, Thanksgiving is our Superbowl. And, at least for me, it's so worth all the effort. And now my dear Kristen is joining us for the meal, in addition to Jenn, so it will be an even better party.

A few recipes have come in under the wire to join the menu (assuming Mark approves, of course):

Sadly, we cannot make all the recipes that I would have liked to, so here are some that sound fab, but for one reason or another did not make the cut:

My lists are all made. Got one shopping trip (Trader Joe's) down, and two to go (Ralph's and Wholefoods... plus a quick trip out on Wednesday to buy the bread for the stuffing). The last step is the run-of-show, which I'll map out today. I'm loving how easy it is to do all of this calmly, with just a little planning!

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