03 November 2009

so THAT'S what the kitchen is for!

Lately, the kitchen has been a fairly foreign place. Instead of serving as the canvas for inspired artistic creations, it has been the dumping ground for neglected sewing projects, multiple non-functional wine fridges, remnant food from our Joshua Tree trip, and various running goo products.

But Sunday we finally broke out of that non-cooking inertia with our favorite meal: lamb chops and risotto with madeira reduction. Mmmmm....

This was the meal that got us in a trouble a few months back, so we decided to cook it for ourselves, partially as a reward for completing our 11-miler training run, and partially because it just sounded delicious. The meal turned out pretty well, though the risotto was not my best work. Texture was good, and it was properly cooked, but the chicken broth I used was just not the right thing. My mistake: I should have tasted it before cooking with it. Fortunately, my idea to use 18-month-aged comte instead of parmesan yielded both great flavor and nice, cheesy texture, and drowning the risotto in madeira reduction covered up all the remaining sins. Overall, very happy with the food. The wine got mixed reviews... Mark really enjoyed it, and I found it a bit too alcohol-y. But I forgot all about that when we busted out the Graham's Six Grapes for dessert.


The girls enjoyed the leftovers...



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