14 November 2009

the two-hour project that took weeks

I've killed the monster. Finally.

After weeks of piecemeal work, I finally finished our nephew Jesper's first birthday present... and, hey, only a week or two late! After various delays (didn't have embroidery floss to do the mouth, then F&S didn't have fiberfill, etc., etc.), and some rethinking of the strategy (the furry fleece I used completely hid the embroidered mouth, and so I changed to the toothy applique), I got all the final stages done in a flurry last night, and he actually don't look half bad. I'm only a little embarrassed to be giving him away as a present!

Laying out his facial features, which had to be sewed on before I could sew the whole monster together

Close-up of the facial appliques

Mark is a little attached. He doesn't want to send the monster to Jesper. I promised to make him his own.

The final product

We are visiting extended family in Florida after Christmas and need to bring gifts for the little kids. Maybe I'll be making some girlier repeats in the next month... or maybe I will just talk about it and never actually get around to it.


  1. this is so cute tanja! I think I could do something like this... After sending out my baby onesies to my sis in law, I later found out she is coming in town for a shower! Now I must come up with another baby gift! Perhaps a monster... ;)

  2. Seriously, it's crazy easy! The hardest part is cutting out the pattern, and that is coming from a total sewing amateur!


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