03 February 2010

down with pinkie

I really hope we're serious about renovating the bathroom, because we've passed the point of no return.

After a long, exhausting week in DC, I managed to muster an impressive amount of energy to rid our guest bath of pink. Together, Mark and I demoed (a sign that I watch too much HGTV, that I feel I can use "demo" in a sentence to mean demolish/demolition) everything in the guest bathroom this past weekend, except for the tub surround.

Taking a crowbar to that ugly, pink baseboard molding was one of the best things I've ever gotten to do, and it felt AMAZING.

Mark prying off the mirror -- impressively, he got it off in one piece

The wall behind the mirror had a lot of damaged plaster and drywall, from the icky adhesive the original installers used. We'll have to fix this to hang our new framed mirror.

Mark rocking the toilet off its seal

Hooray! The reviled toilet is gone! (But some pink molding remained)

End result of all of that crowbarring -- out with the remaining wallpaper, baseboard molding, flooring (turned out to be individual vinyl stick-down slats, not sheet vinyl, which ripped up the concrete substrate quite a bit), mirror, vanity and toilet.

I had a bit of an "Oh, s#&" moment this morning when I walked by and realized: We just ripped out a perfectly functional bathroom, and we have to do all the work ourselves to make it functional again. But what's done is done.

The only big decision remaining is the paint color, and we have some contenders in the running

After we prime and paint the pink ceiling and the back of the door, the pink will be gone for good!

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