05 February 2010

Ideas for inspiration

As I'm trolling all of my usual sources on design advice, I come across ideas that don't fit into the categories of the projects we're currently working on, but that seem like great ideas for the future.

Here are an assortment of some of my recent favorites:

Perhaps to go behind the door in the office, a big message center and place to pin up design ideas 

An umbrella stand in LA seems a little anachronistic (or what means the same as anachronistic, but for place instead of time? anageographic?), but I kind of love the idea even more because of it... and Jenn gave us that great vintage vase that could possibly even be an umbrella holder

I love just the pop of bright aqua blue in an otherwise white kitchen... maybe for our back wall in the eat-in part of the kitchen? (Mark?)

Would floor cushions like this work in our living room, across the coffee table from the couch?

Our fireplace is a total waste of value (it's not a focal point, it has no mantel, and it's so boring), but a cool tile surround in a neutral color would help it pop

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