18 February 2010

it's all about balance

Balance for me is finding adequate time to get away from everything, and to spend time doing things that are thoroughly un-work-like. I have never had a single day of vacation expire, because I take as much vacation as I possibly can. (And honestly, though I am a bit of a climber in all things career-related, if I could ski every day and still afford the necessities of life -- including, most importantly, health insurance -- I would make the switch in a heartbeat.)

Though I only started doing it seriously about five years ago, I live to ski. There is truly nothing that excites me or distracts me more, and nothing that makes me comtemplate making different life choices quite like skiing does. Should we sell our condo and move to the mountains? What ski town has the best job prospects? These are the conversations Mark and I have on virtually every chairlift ride.

So we just enjoyed a very nice trip to Alta and Snowbird, only eight short miles east of Salt Lake City. And even better, we had fresh snow every day, weather that wasn't too cold, and crowds that were downright sparse compared to what we're used to at Mammoth.

Though it's now back to reality, it was such a wonderful respite.


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