10 February 2010

progress, and a set-back

In a few days, we jet off to Utah to ski Alta and Snowbird (yippee!). So the bathroom reno will have be put on pause for another week. But good progress in the meantime.

Mark cuts in

The walls are now SW 6170 ("techno gray"), and the ceiling is extra white, all satin finish

Sadly, in our first real mishap of the guest bath project, we may have killed our bathroom fan. While installing a 100-watt halogen fixture that the man at the lighting store swore would work in a standard circuit, and on a dimmer, the bathroom fan mysteriously stopped working. And the halogen fixture wouldn't work either. So possibly we did some harm to that whole circuit (though the breaker did not trip), or the fan's fuse blew (panasonic's site is not being as helpful as we'd like in solving this mystery), or the box we tried to install the halogen fixture in never worked anyway (it just had a plate over it before) and the fan just coincidentally died at the same time. Whichever way, we now need to go out-of-pocket to get an electrician to investigate.

Sigh. We were doing so well.

Are you dead?

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