11 March 2010

the living room answer?

More inspiration, this time to help the living room feel more "finished."

I love our living room, but definitely feel like it needs something. What that is, I do not know, and I'm strongly opposed to adding in more stuff just to make it feel more homey. I love the lack of clutter (or, rather, the usual lack of clutter... home renovations have a way of making every room a big old mess).

The current living room, not including a few recent accents we've added

But I just came across this room in BHG's decorating gallery, and I think I love the color blocks on the walls

Could this be the answer to giving the room more depth, and making it feel more finished? What is the right color? Would color blocks on the walls make the room feel smaller, or narrower?

Good food for thought.


  1. I think it looks finished except for the wall near the fireplace. You could paint out the wall above the fireplace in a different complentary color (maybe in the blocks like you've shown), maybe the taupe you're using, add a dark wood mantel to compliment your floor, and then put some funky silver candlesticks or jonathan adler-style chrome vases on the mantel. and of course, a big mirror. just my 2 cents.

    we have a few of his pieces (thus, our debt!):

    i really like your floors!

  2. sorry i wrote all of this before i had seen your other post about the issues you're having with your fireplace.

  3. hi, I am new to your blog- but am enjoying it!
    I am not sure if you have finished this/fixed the issue. My thoughts by looking at a few of the posts- would be to paint the wall the fireplace is on a different color, even if it is just a slightly different white/pale blue etc. I agree the level of the fireplace is low to put a mantle directly above, however if you used for instance reclaimed wood you could basically not only add a mantle above, but on the sides as well. This way you could raise the appearance of the fireplace, and not worry about the installation of a floating shelf- which are a pain anyhow. Even if not reclaimed wood, by using simple 2x4 you could frame around the entire fireplace and decide what type of treatment you would want. The color would help the fireplace stand out. I would possibly give it more breathing room as well by pushing the sofa away from it. (though I imagine you have it blocked off b/c there isn't nothing going on there right now) You could hand a large mirror above the fireplace and I guarantee people would not miss it! I love the color choices and the sofa and your dark chocolate floors!

  4. Megan -- Great minds think alike! :-) Check out this post for how I've updated the color, and this one for the preview of the fireplace revamp. (Stay tuned for the new fireplace unveiling... we should be finishing up this weekend.)


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