21 March 2010

one down, two to go

Now that the first bathroom renovation is nearly done, it's time to start on the plan for the second. The kitchen comes after that, but I can't even think about the logistics involved in that yet.

In all, the guest bath took us eight weeks (assuming we finish before this weekend), though that was largely because of the many delays created by ski season. Now that ski season is done, we're hoping to knock out bath two in a more reasonable two weeks. But given that we both work full-time and are doing most of the work ourselves, it will require a pretty tight schedule. And since everything has to happen in a particular order, any setbacks create a whole cascade of delays.

But on to the fun part... what it will look like.

The bathroom now

My goodness... it looks even worse in photos!

The bath has:
  • A stick-down vinyl floor... soon to be porcelain tile
  • Cracked, dirty shower tile... soon to be repaired and reglazed bright white
  • Frosted shower doors with builder-grade towel bar... soon to be clear glass with brushed nickel accents
  • Big, bulky toilet... soon to be another compact little Toto
  • A standard, builder-grade vanity... soon to be a more modern version with more usable storage
  • A single sink with composite countertop... soon to be a double integral sink cast in porcelain
  • A useless soffit... soon to be wide open space
  • A big, frameless mirror... soon to be a cooler, framed version
  • A junky old medicine cabinet... soon to be modern, open shelving
  • Totally generic hardware and lighting... soon to be upgraded 

What the bath does have going for it, thanks to a big skylight, is a bright, airy feel. And we don't want to mess that up. So this bath is much more about light colors than the other bathroom. Unlike in the guest bath, in which we really wanted to gain floor space, the footprint of this bath will be essentially unchanged... but it will feel more open.

The design aesthetic, as much as I haaaaate when people say things like "zenlike" or "spalike," is in that same tranquil family, but with boxy, modern lines.

New sink (Ikea Odensvik)

New faucet (Price Pfister Vega)

New vanity (Ikea Godmorgon, maybe to be wall-mounted?)

New toilet (Toto Eco Supreme, just like in guest bath)

Hardware (Umbra Zen)

Floor will be the same white tile as the guest bath. Paint color TBD. I still love the pebble tile idea for the floor, but Mark is not a fan. I suppose it's only fair for him to veto something with as many decisions as I've made throughout our place, though he did choose the faucets that inspired this whole look.

I even found this nice, flattened pebble tile that would not feel so bumpy underfoot, but alas, it is not to be.


  1. We have an IKEA sink

    Very happy with it! We went with a high-gloss white cabinet underneath and a lemon yellow wall behind - it looks awesome. I will post pics someday on fb.

  2. Great to know! I am inherently skeptical about the quality of Ikea goods, so endorsements are extremely helpful.

  3. We're planning on installing an IKEA vanity and sink in our bathroom. Are you happy with yours? Just wondering. Thank you!

  4. Tanja @ Postmodern HostessJanuary 11, 2012 at 5:01 AM

    LOVE them. :-)

  5. I really love the flattened pebble tile!!


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