18 April 2010

cute storage, or just cube storage?

Inspired in no small part by Apartment Therapy's current Perfect Workspace Contest, I am feeling a deep-seated need to organize, organize, organize. I've bought some additional file boxes for the office, and am looking for ways to hide more of our cords (keep an eye out for a post on that). But I'm also thinking about how we could add some storage to the office/guest room in a way that makes it look 1.) cuter, and 2.) more like a real room.

Current idea: the storage ottoman.

A storage ottoman could pose as a coffee table to accompany the daybed/guest bed, and hold bedding, pillows or miscellaneous office junk, while also offering additional, mobile seating for the rest of the place. But could it actually look good?

Inspiration for this particular piece of furniture/storage came from Young House Love, and their cute spare room.

A $40 approximation from Target... granted, I'm not generally that into wicker, rush or other grasslike furnishings

A more upscale and refined ($240) version from Urban Outfitters

Shockingly, Ikea's only storage ottoman ($139)

A rare print that I actually like... $65 from Target

Not my favorite... the standard issue storage ottoman ($149 from Crate and Barrel)

Room and Board's $399 version

And their $499 ultrasuede version, which comes in lots of colors


  1. we have this one in our living room, from Target. We use it in place of a coffee table (took it out when Lily started walking). I'm very happy with it.


  2. Depending on the colors of the print one you like from Target, I think it could be a good accent to the political posters. Have you seen it in person or only online? Is it the Liberty line? Oh did you get the Cynthia Vincent shoes???

    Sorry. See how I digress in emails/posts just like in conversation. Ha!

  3. It's not Liberty line, and I've seen it only online. I don't think Mark would go for it anyway...

    The CV shoes sold out super fast, so no luck with the ones I wanted! :-(


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