01 April 2010

inspiration for a thursday

Some of the ideas I love right now...

Maybe just because it is powder blue, but I love the doggie art over the mantel from The Nest's decorating handbook -- a perfect combo of modern/graphic and cute (Mark would never in a million years go for that.)

DIY wall design, from Young House Love... I have been pondering something similar for our bedroom

NA version of our September party's signature cocktail, based on Ikea's elderflower concentrate

Signature cocktail:
1 part St. Germain cordial
1 part prosecco or any dry white sparkling wine
1 part club soda
sprig of mint

Non-alcoholic version:
1 cup club soda (doesn't have to be exact)
1 T. elderflower concentrate (or more to taste)
sprig of mint

These great salt and pepper shakers from Imm Living (I have been searching for the right set for a while now)

Love, love LOVE this kitchen... the high cabinets, the glossy white, the light gray quartz counters...

This clean, modern magazine rack from Innova (Home Depot)... perfect for the side of the new master bath vanity, where it's out of sight from outside the bathroom

Modern ceiling fixture for the master bath -- Scandia 16" semi-flushmount from Lamps Plus

Martha Stewart's new book

The lime-green poofs from CB2... great extra seating and color accent in our living room

This shallow-depth, wall-length pantry... would be so perfect in the eat-in portion of our kitchen (though I am generally not a fan of open storage... far too cluttered and busy!)


  1. the open storage, in this case, only works becuase the containers are all uniform. realistically, who would ever have time to store everything this way? i have attempted to do this with my spice jars (not open, but in a huge door-lenght spice rack on the inside of my pantry door) and i end up fiddling around a lot, transferring spices out of their ugly plastic containers and into glass/stainless jars. then i ended up with a huge bin of half-full plastic spice containers in the basement. but i guess it looks good, but no one sees it except me and my husband.

  2. I laughed picturing you filling all the little spice jars, because that's completely something I would do! I agree... open storage is so much work, and requires more purchasing of matching bottles, boxes, jars, or whatever the space requires (and that ultimately results in more waste). I do take lots of Type A joy in making something organized and uniform, but I think it's wise to accept that clutter happens, make (hidden) places for it to live, and focus on keeping the rest of the space clutter-free... as much as possible, anyway.


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