30 April 2010

summer harvest... in april!

Okay, I know that I am just squeaking in under the wire, but I had the most amazing little dinner, made (so very nearly) exclusively from the bounty of our itty bitty garden. IN APRIL. Crazy. Only in Southern California, unless of course global warming happens quickly, in which case this may become a normal time to get fresh homegrown produce in any place. But for now, I still think it's crazy.

The harvest... nevada green lettuce, sun gold tomatoes, cilantro, snow peas, swiss chard, broccoli and broccoli greens (I wasn't sure about this last one, but read on to see my take on them)

I did the very simplest preparation -- a simple salad with the lettuce and tomatoes, with the cilantro in a lime vinaigrette (featuring the only added ingredients: olive oil and lime juice), and all of the other veggies sauteed individually in just the lightest mist of olive oil with a touch of Kosher salt. (Julie Child would have pronounced "sauteed" "SOH-TAYED." Ah, we miss you.)

Verdict: AMAZING. Absolutely everything. I haven't had homegrown broccoli in years, and it makes me never want to eat store-bought again. Even locally-grown broccoli from Whole Foods. The broccoli greens were sooo good too, which is great since they are plentiful... I had never eaten broccoli greens before, but I'm so glad I went out on that limb. Seriously, everyone should be eating broccoli greens. The chard was certainly on the young side, but was tender and full of flavor. And even those two little snow peas were delicious. If those will be the only ones I get all season, I will still say it was worth it to try them... other bloggers have had lousy luck with peas.

It wasn't the biggest harvest ever, but we're just getting started. I'm super excited to enjoy these fresh, tasty treats all through the summer.

And now to find a cheeseburger...

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