21 May 2010

america's dairyland

Last weekend, I went home to Green Bay, where I (mostly) grew up, to run my first marathon. And I finished. I credit the DIY-labeled shirt.

But on to more important issues... Wisconsin is a place where cheese is serious business, as I am reminded every time I go back for a visit. In fact, most grocery stores in the state have two cheese sections: the small, non-Wisconsin cheese section (Parmesan, Brie, blues, etc.) that's usually near the deli, and the HUGE Wisconsin cheese section that's next to the milk and butter. Truly, it is something you must see to appreciate. So let me help... and check out all of that Sconi pride on the packaging, not to mention the incredibly low per-pound price!

The hard, mostly orange cheeses

Some of the varieties

One of two spreadable cheese sections

The other spreadable cheese section... Wisconsin takes spready cheese to a higher plane

This is the best cheese in the state: string cheese. There really is no other string cheese in the world that comes close to authentic WI string cheese, and believe me, I have tried them all. Sconi string cheese comes in both the traditional stick and skinnier whip varieties. The whips come in a big, tangled ball, kind of like a funnel cake made out of cheese.

And that total oddity that you only find in WI: cheese curds... an efficient and delicious way to get your fill of saturated fat

Jenn modeling Wisconsin's other key cheese export


  1. In the SF shirt??! I was wondering why this didn't appear on facebook. Thank you.

    And thank you for giving me my first TWO curd experiences:

    Cold in the kitchen, and fried at Titletown Brewing Co.

  2. anymore Favre spottings? Great blog, love, so enjoying reading, xoxo !

  3. No more sightings, but he's dead to me anyway. :-)

  4. Congrats on your marathon, that's really wonderful. I'm curious, though - you look so great in your medal photo. I look worse than that after about 5 miles... And are you wearing jeans??
    Anyhow, I must put Wisconsin on my visit list - I'm a huge cheese fan!


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