09 May 2010

if you can't spread out, spread up

I have already overfilled all of the available surface space on our balcony with plants, mostly of the vegetable variety. But I have realized that the current two strawberry plants are never going to produce enough fruit to provide more than a few strawberries here and there. Not helpful if I wish to incorporate them into a recipe or serve them to people.

The most recent harvest

But I came upon this great idea from Apartment Therapy and Indestructibles for a vertical planter repurposed from a linen over-the-door shoe holder. Such a cool, easy idea.

From Apartment Therapy/Indestructibles

I even managed to find the exact same shoe holder (the cheapest one made out of breathable fabric at Target) they feature in the picture. Here's my version...

Picking up strawberry plants (and a few viney plants for experimentation), along with some organic soil, at Home Depot

The shoe holder in its pristine state

To make it fit the space, I cut off the bottom two rows... I will find another use for these, I'm sure

Adding organic fertilizer to the soil and mixing it all together in a big bucket
The plants before transplanting

Each shoe pouch gets filled 1/2 to 2/3 of the way with the soil mixture, depending on plant size

Plants get released from their plastic containers

A little transplanting and gentle backfilling, and voila!

To hang it, a little help from Mark and our new diamond-tip masonry drill bit (hooray for stucco!)

Updates are certain to follow.

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