20 May 2010

love letter: corner bakery

Dear Corner Bakery --

Though you have become a nearly ubiquitous chain, I still love you so. I still feel so lucky whenever I see you that you decided at long last to colonize the west coast too, sharing your love with those of us who aren't on the eastern seaboard.

Your tasty sandwiches. Your delicious sweets. I even love that it's always a little hard to park at any given Corner Bakery... you always play hard to get.

Even after eating meat these last five years, I still never even consider your ham and swiss or your roasted turkey. How could I when your tomato mozzarella is so divine?

For dessert, your huge, gooey cinnamon rolls and whoopie pies do look tempting, but nothing beats your simply-made sweet crisps... thinly sliced raisin bread toasted with butter and sugar. So seductive. So addictive.

Naysayers might declare, "But it's just a sandwich shop. Their bread won't cause any epiphanies."

And to them, I say, "Fountain Fresca. Checkmate."

My endless love,

1 comment:

  1. Looks yummy:)

    loving your blog, keep it up, as always!


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