13 May 2010

love letter: le pain quotidien

Dear Le Pain Quotidien:

I love so many things about you, I don't know where to begin. Your don't dumb down your menu for Americans, in fact serving the exact same selection in Paris as you do in DC and LA.

Paris LPQ

You serve the most consistently solid, fresh, organic gazpacho around, and you serve it every day of the year (and somehow the tomatoes in December never taste like December tomatoes). Your communal table is one of the few places where Americans will willingly sit and dine at the same table with people we don't know.

But most of all, Brunette. Sweet, lovely, luscious Brunette. It makes Nutella seem like child's play.

From JonasApproved.com

Though I would certainly be a few pounds lighter without Brunette, I don't know what I would do without it. And even at $10 a jar, it's still so, so worth it. You have my eternal admiration and affection.



  1. I can't wait to go to Paris and eat there, and I WILL have copious amounts of Brunette, a delicacy you introduced me to, and I will toast you.

    A tip of the baguette to you my dear friend.

  2. Just know that you may need to sneak in the booze for the toast. :-) Not all of the LPQ's in Paris serve even a glass of champagne. (Kinda like the LPQs here.)

  3. I love le pain too and was a big dork when Rags and I visited the original in Brussels. Yes, I even took pictures! Those pics should go in an international-food-chain-appreciation album, along with my pics of Beard Papa shops in London, Vancouver, Seattle and LA!

  4. If you will start an international food appreciation site, I will be a frequent visitor! :-)

  5. I would also kill for their Hazelnut Spread.
    I discovered le Pain Quotidien in Brussels, it was one of the best bakery overthere.


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