28 June 2010

dwell on design: the first installment

Dear Readers -- For those of you who attended DoD, you know that it was a lovely sight to behold (including an up-close-and-personal sighting for me of a long-time celeb crush who would definitely be on my list if I were to have a list). For those of you who couldn't attend, rest assured that the coolest stuff to see was astronomically expensive, often highly impractical (350 sq. ft. prefab home, anyone?), and sometimes just downright befuddling.

But let me try to give you a taste.

Lots of good branding in the entrance, and a clean look overall

As luck would have it, there an a case study in contrasts just down the hall in the convention center catering to a, um, different demographic

Yes, that last shot is of a pitch man, and it's blurry because I was trying to snap the shot while running away.

But back at Dwell on Design, there were some things that definitely set it apart. For starters, the embracing of new communication channels and the hospitality for those of us who help them publicize their event simply through our own enthusiasm.

This is both cool and totally self-serving... but comfy chairs!

I'll have a few follow-up reports on aspects of the show, but the one that jumped out at me the most (and differentiated DoD from the ghetto home show downstairs) was the lush greenery all about. Seriously. ALL about.

Dueling vertical gardening mechanisms abounded, as did ways to lounge in these faux outdoors.

These two were my favorites

More on Dwell on Design this week, including the revelation I received in my free kitchen design consultation. Stay tuned...

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