11 June 2010

galley girl

With all the thinking we've been doing about kitchen renovation (read all about it here), I have been thinking about all the kitchens I've known in my life. (A whopping eleven, just counting places I've lived, and not counting kitchens that weren't mine to use like in the dorms and sorority.) Turns out, in my adult life, they've all been galleys. Sadly, I don't have photos of them all, and the photos I do have are pretty low-qual, but you get the idea.

Truth is, I don't actually mind galleys. They are by far the most functional layout, and they usually have a ton of storage. They just don't fit in with America's current love of open floor plans. (Honestly, there's nothing bad about being able to keep the kitchen mostly hidden from guests.)

My second post-college apartment, in Arlington, Virginia. See that generic, pretentious travel poster in the kitchen? And the messy pile of bags on the counter? This kitchen does reflect one continuous trend throughout all of the places I've called home... a fridge topped with booze. 

The only picture I can find of the kitchen from our last (we hope) rented place, in West Hollywood. Dated to the core, but still completely functional.

Our current kitchen, though clearly this picture was taken before we moved in, hence the lack of bottles atop the fridge. 

And now, in a total nonsequitur, some nice, seasonal peonies as a thank you for stopping by.

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