24 June 2010

love letter: pinterest

Dear Pinterest,

I believe you are in contention for "coolest thing ever," even though I admit that it took me quite a while to figure out that "Pinterest" rhymes with "interest." Before you came along, I kept dozens of tabs open in my web browser (frequently crashing my computer) just to keep inspiring images on hand, and I clipped many, many pages from magazines each month, only to wait months before actually filing them. But now you have created the most wonderful place on the web... a site where I can collect all of the images you help me clip, and where I can see what lots of others have clipped, too.

Just a click of the tiny "Pin It" button on my bookmark toolbar, and I have easily marked any image on the web that I might wish to see again.

For example: outdoor spaces that make me drool. I've gathered a whole collection of amazing scenes.

Or, if I'm not sure what colors I really, truly love best, I can just peek at the Color Inspiration board I've pinned images to, and get a pretty clear sense for the trend. (Green and turquoise, anyone?)

So much inspiration from others...

... a place to store ideas for future projects...

... and a place to collect pics that just make me happy...

... what's not to love? Now maybe you'd like to return some of that love and move me up on the "most prolific" list?

You're the best!



  1. Thanks for the letter! I'm really excited that you enjoy the site, and other Pinterest members are lucky to have your beautiful boards.

  2. It's such a cool idea, and I'm really glad you guys put it together. Any plan in the works to let us pin off of TV shows???? ;-)

  3. i tried signing up for pinterest a few days ago and unfortuantely they have a waiting list for invites. hopefully i'm on the list though!

  4. I had to do that too, but got my official invite after just a few days. Not to worry! (Or send me your email on FB, and I can invite you through my account.)


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