18 June 2010

magazine highlight: blue crab how-to

I loooooooove Maryland blue crabs. (Back in my long-time vegetarian period, I never would have envisioned myself proclaiming such a thing, but life is all about change, isn't it?) Not only are blue crabs delicious, they're best when you can sit out somewhere on the Chesapeake or Potomac and enjoy the view. Crab shacks also usually pour beer on the cheap, so what's not to love?

The tidal Potomac, in southern Maryland

The first time I ever went to eat blues, back in the late summer of 2005 with my then-new-boyfriend Mark, my eyes about popped out of my head when I saw what he had gotten us into.

A dozen and a half steamed blues, covered in Old Bay

First lesson: don't wear a single item of clothing, footwear or jewelry that you give a lick about. But those crabs are a different story. I had no idea what to do with a whole crab, having never disassembled one before. Mark was patient enough to teach me how, though that first time, I definitely got tired of it after only three or four.

Mark is a patient teacher

Sadly, the crabs were not so patient with him...

Such a funny guy. But thankfully, anyone facing this condundrum now has a nice little guide of what to do with a whole crab, thanks to Martha Stewart Living. They don't get into the finer points like the "Statue of Liberty" or the "crab mustard," but you get the idea. (Read this for a truly comprehensive how-to.)

Last image courtesy of Martha Stewart Living. All other images property of Tanja Hester.

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