20 June 2010

more bedroom waffling

Pretty much since the day we moved in (and before that, really, when we were picking paint colors), I have been noodling over how to make our bedroom feel "finished." (You can read my prior lamentations on this topic here, here, here and here.) Much of the hullabaloo has surrounded the Great Nightstand Search (status: ongoing), but wall decor has also been a central question.

The bedroom as it stands now

The latest idea I've come across, which I completely love, from Desire to Inspire

How great is that soft, textured brown wall behind the plush, off-white bed? This would totally work with our decor, and the room has enough natural light to avoid the concern about the wall darkening the room too much. The real question is: Do I like this idea enough to move the HEAVY bed? Stay tuned...

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