17 June 2010

online magazine explosion

You may be picking up on my magazine theme this week. There's just so much great stuff out there right now, you basically have to close your eyes, plug your ears and hum to yourself to avoid bumping into inspiration at every turn.

We have all long lamented the demise of Domino, but there are several new entrants into the field that would be glad to take over where Domino left off. The new kids on the block are By Fryd, Nesting Newbies and Lonny. (Lonny and Nesting Newbies have already put out a couple of issues, but trying to read them crashed my old laptop. With my new fancy HP running Windows 7 I can see them all easily, and even better, with the snipping tool I can get nice, clean screengrabs of anything... a fantastic feature with all of the flash-driven web sites people use nowadays which don't let you save images. I never thought I would rave about a Microsoft product like that.)

In truth, I have always found it tough to read online magazines, and find they are much better for skimming. Words? Notsomuch. Pictures? Yes, please! (What about you? Can you read magazines online just as you do paper magazines?)

And now for a look inside the new mags...

Nesting Newbies is a nice concept, the online magazine for those "obsessed with their nest." I love how their content runs the gamut from cooking and entertaining to decorating, and the photos are shot from a real life perspective, with nothing too stylized. Big points for that. Plus, NN gives a lot of love to bloggers. Maybe one day I'll make their list.... a girl can dream.

The six images above are property of Nesting Newbies

By Fryd is the most ethereal, conceptual of the three. Their pages look more like Anthropologie ads than magazine spreads, methinks, and there's not a ton beyond the pretty pictures. But pretty they are...

Four images above property of By Fryd

I'll just cut right to the chase and admit that Lonny is by far my favorite of the three new online mags. So much cuteness, and plenty to inspire (and I'll even forgive them for putting so many karate chops in all of their pillows, as if anyone lives like that). They are also the only ones who understand that we're all reading this on-screen, and therefore the text should be laid out differently. They use lots of larger type and bulleted lists, so that those who, like me, have a hard time reading magazines online, can still absorb plenty from their many great tips. But really, there's just a lot to ooooh and aaaaah over...

The eleven images above are property of Lonny

Have you found other great new online mags? Do tell!


  1. thanks Tanja...I just found Lonny the other day....I had no idea all these mags were now online. thanks!

  2. I just got my new laptop (thanks, dear employer!) this week, and that's what has allowed me to finally explore the online magazine world without crashing my computer. So it's been a Renaissance for me as well!

  3. I hadn't heard about By Fryd yet, but I have read the other two. They're full of gorgeous photos and beautifully laid out. I have to say I do prefer reading a real magazine, though.

  4. I know that online mags are probably the way it will be for all the publications in the future, but I do love holding the paper, and being able to pull out tear sheets. Until there's an easy way to clip things online (like Pinterest, but Flash-enabled), it's still too tough to keep all of those clippings together.


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