01 June 2010

time lapse

Pop quiz: What type of flower is this?

If you answered BROCCOLI, then DINGDINGDINGDINGDING! You're right!!!

Yes, it's true. If you leave broccoli to grow long enough (or not even that long), it turns into this crazy profusion of yellow blossoms. What I don't know is what happens next, because we ate it before we could find out. (And yes, you can eat flowers, though Mark was skeptical at first.) But check it:

Just a few weeks ago (broccoli in the lower third of the frame)

Last week

A little while ago


More time lapse in the garden

Last week, sungold plant #3

Two days ago


Last month, the cohabitating raspberry and strawberry plants

Now, with a rogue tomato plant growing out the side

Last week, red cherry tomato plant


Last week, romas



  1. YUM! I love broccoli greens (which I've only been able to find in markets in Greece), but who knew about the flowers? Would love to try that someday!

  2. The greens are definitely better than the flowers! I would call the greens delicious, and the flowers edible. :-)

  3. Never mind all the healthy lovely vegetables - did you make those french fries yourself? If so, how??

  4. I did make them myself! I opened up the bag, spread them out on a baking sheet and baked them at 450 for 18 minutes. :-)

  5. You are SO Top Chef cooking with edible flowers and the such. I think you have a calling later in life should you choose to answer.

  6. I think I'm probably more destined for something cheesier like "The Next Food Network Star"... something where it has to look good, but not necessarily taste good. ;-)


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