23 July 2010

the jig is up

Okay, crows -- seriously? Again? AGAIN!?!?

It wasn't enough that they cleaned out my gorgeous pea crop back in May.

Or that they went after my beans in June.

They have now done the unthinkable.

What's missing from these pictures?

The answer, sadly, is ripe tomatoes. Dozens of ripe tomatoes.

Just a few days earlier

Despite the thievery committed by the crows over the last few months, it has seemed as though the tomatoes were immune. Like the birds didn't realize they were food. And since tomato plants are a bit heartier than all of the other plants in terms of pests and fungus, too, I've really been getting a free pass on the tomatoes.

An average July daily harvest

But the jig is up.

Empty tomato bushes and a scene of carnage all over the garden

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Even the red cherry tomato plant, which is hiding in a different part of the balcony got almost totally cleaned out.

As though in remembrance of the massacre their own preceding brethren had suffered back in May, the new crop of pea plants all lost their will to live (or, maybe it had something to do with the 90+ temps).

Given my utter love for my tomato plants, unlike my relative indifference to the beans or moderate enthusiasm for the peas, I'm inclined to say something very line-in-the-sand like "THIS MEANS WAR!" But what does a war on crows entail, really? BB guns? Strychnine? Not quite my thing.

Maybe it's time I gave in an invested in the bobble headed owl.

But just remember, folks: the city is no defense against hungry predators.


  1. Oh, poor you, this is so upsetting!

  2. This is the time when it's important to remember all that yoga and repeat to myself, "I am not attached to the tomatoes. I am not attached to the tomatoes..." :-)

  3. The bobble-headed owl TOTALLY cracks me up. Also? That carnage makes me want to weep on your behalf. :-(

  4. Welcome, Genie! Thanks for commenting!

    My favorite moment at Marina Garden Center:

    me: "Do you have any netting I can put over my crops to keep the crows out?"
    them: "No."
    me: "What about other means? Is there anything ultrasonic? Or some all-natural crow repellent?"
    them: "You should get the bobble-headed owl." (said with a straight face)

    Fortunately, the tomatoes are resilient (more so than the peas or beans that were plundered previously), and they are staging a come-back. :-)

  5. This makes me all teary eyed! This IS war! Get some netting to put over the balcony... and a bobble head owl... and a super soaker :)

  6. Welcome, April!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who viewed this as a tragic moment. :-) And I LOVE the super-soaker idea!


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