18 August 2010

the trim makes all the difference

I am pining away for nice trim in our home after coming across some beautiful, minimal, pristine trim in several different places lately.

This photo from the tour of the Caponigros' home on NYT.com (parents of Dara, formerly of Domino and now of Veranda) nearly took my breath away... look at the amazing flow between the door casing and the base trim! Stunning.

And this home, featured on the great color and design blog Colour Me Happy, has fantastic minimalist trim and window casing too.

And remember Jenn's new(ish) house and its wonderful trim?

Sigh. It's all so gorgeous, and so VERY unlike all of the trim in our place. Though I'm sure Mark will go bonkers when I tell him that I want to rip out all the trim, framing and casing in our next place and replace it with sleek new trim, it is definitely going to be high up on  my to do list. It makes such a difference!

Are there any little details that YOU think make a big difference? Do tell!


  1. I will email you some pics of the trim that our carpenter put up in our basement bar area. it is very basic, but still sleek and simple, like the images above. it is actually not sold in the wood moldings part of home depot - i think it's just boards with a routed edge that are sanded smooth.


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