21 October 2010

blast from the bath past

Style comes naturally to some people. I am not one of those people. And judging by past photos, I used to be even more style challenged. I spent a little time this week perusing old photos, and I came across some gems from highly unstylish bathrooms in past apartments.

In the last year, we've renovated our two bathrooms in the current condo, and I think now that a lot of the energy I put into those renovations was carried over from subconscious memories of some of the ugly and bizarre bathrooms I have called home over the years. (Not that the bathrooms were my home entirely. You know what I mean.) :-)


My first post-college bathroom in Washington, D.C. Obviously I couldn't do anything about all of that colored tile, it being a rental, but apparently I had no problem showing all of that clutter! Why on Earth did I need so many bottles of things??!?!?! (This was a shared bathroom, but I'm going to punt some of the blame.)

This is the only photo I could find of my next apartment bathroom, in Arlington, VA, which was just bland bland bland. And I ddin't do anything to spruce it up. (Interestingly, I've found that most of the records of my past homes and decor come in the form of dog pictures. But check out how cute Bella was as an even tinier puppy!)

Ironically, I have no record of the best rental bathroom I ever had, in my first West Hollywood apartment. But I can't claim credit for that bathroom being nice... I just had a landlord who had renovated the place before I moved in.

Our last rental apartment before we bought our current condo had a truly funky bathroom. The sink and storage was in the hallway outside the bathroom (actually very practical), but that vanity had the ugliest countertop I've ever seen. Inside the bathroom was a tiny shower stall, the toilet and a very low bathtub (you could only submerge yourself if you basically laid down, but then you wouldn't fit lengthwise). (Also -- why did I take photos without tidying up or at least hanging up those towels? Geez.)

It's kind of fun to think about how I would renovate each of these spaces, especially the last one which poses interesting size challenges with the vanity wedged snuggly between a wall and the linen closet. But I think I'll still stick with what we've got now:

We took this...

to this. (And blogged about it here.)

And this...

to this. (And blogged about it here.)

Any bath skeletons in your closet? Any spaces you've called home that now make you cringe?

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  1. It is interesting how our tastes and standards have changed. I found the old photos from my previous apt that I lived at for 5 years in downtown GB. I posted them in a new album on FB if you want to take a look. It's funny - I didn't really clean up for the pics either. And there is SO MUCH CLUTTER. Granted it was a 900 sq ft apt, but STILL! Take a peek :)

    The difference in quality in digital cameras is obvious also.

  2. I cringe a little to think about the items I chose for my first ever bath renovation, in 1997. I had a talent, even then, for catching the end of a trend.
    You certainly have a lot of bottles in that first pic!

  3. Struggler -- I hadn't even considered what it will be like to look back at our current renovations in the future! But of course you're completely correct! It's interesting to think about which choices will stand the test of time, and which will make me wonder what I was thinking.

    Lynn -- Your pictures are hilarious (and by hilarious, I of course mean, "hitting close to home because they are pretty much a mirror image of my decor choices at that point in time, all of which make me cringe now just as they make you cringe.").


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