28 October 2010

the case goods that got away

Do you ever regret not buying something when you had the chance? And then later, when you realize you should have snapped it up, it's too late...

It's not an all-the-time thing for me to regret that stuff, but photographing nearly everything I see (for this blog and for posterity) has made me extra keenly aware of the ones I've let get away. And lately there have been several oh-so-pretty pieces that I've let slip through my fingers.

Maybe it's because I've been so nightstand-focused for so long now (no, still haven't found The Ones), but recently all of the pieces I've wished I'd bought have been case goods of some sort, mostly dressers and nightstands.

Come join me on my tour of furniture regret...

You might recall that I am lousy at flea marketing and antiquing... but I'm getting better! (So, true, I haven't made any actual PURCHASES yet, but I'm getting better at not getting overwhelmed and shutting down in the presence of lots and lots of old stuff.) And it's this antiquing that brings us to my biggest regret of all, this amazing Danish midcentury set, including a tall chest and two short chests.

Aren't they sooooooo pretty? Check out that detailing on the drawer handles, and the immaculate finish that's still on this. I don't remember exactly how much they cost, but it was reasonable (not cheap).

Ultimately, what made the decision for me (us really, since Mark was with me) was the fact that the drawers were so shallow. They just wouldn't hold very much stuff.

Still, it has been hard to let the memory of these guys go...

Next up, a whole slew of nightstands from our friends at HomeGoods. (This pic is from a Denver 'burbs store... would that I had access to such a huge one here in LA!)

This one is my favorite of the bunch, and I still kick myself for not grabbing it... the size was right, the price was VERY right, and the shape and color were great. Definitely feeling like a bonehead on this one.

A little hardware switcheroo and it could have been so cool. Alas, when I realized my error, it was too late.

Other similar nightstands from HomeGoods, all of which could have been tweaked to suit my fancy.

And a similar antique chest.

Then there were those gorgeous Danish nightstands at the HD Buttercup sale. Neither set was a total bargain, but they were decently priced for what they were.

And of course no tour of furniture regret is complete without mention of our old, amazing, unbelievably comfortable, huge, perfect sofa. Sadly, it was just too big to fit into our condo. We could lay on it side by side (on our backs, no less) to watch TV, and stretch out completely. I miss it all the time. (What I do NOT miss is that apartment, and that icky rental carpet!)

Ah, memories...

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  1. I've also regretted times when I dithered in HomeGoods. They really do seem to move their stock very quickly!

  2. Oh man, the nightstand quest. SO DIFFICULT! Especially since I considered anything over $100 too expensive for me. I definitely gazed longingly at some of the very same ones you've posted in your pics (those homegoods ones!)

  3. Katelyn -- I think the fact that you've seen the same ones just makes it sting all the more! That means they have the same stock at HomeGoods across the country and yet I still can't have the pieces I want! Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! :-)


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