14 October 2010

great tips in the new house beautiful

I just got the November House Beautiful last night, and I can't wait to share a few of the goodies. This issue is all about entertaining -- a topic very close to my heart -- and it's chock-full of tips about entertaining well.

One article, the "101 Party Do's and Don'ts," is full to the brim with useful advice... (click to enlarge)

Some of my favorites that aren't on the first page:

28: You should always have a cold bottle of bubbly stashed in your refrigerator in case friends drop by, and a bottle of something sparkly for nondrinkers. - Christopher Hirsheimer

31: Serve takeout on your finest china. - Kelly Wearstler

33: Always start with an empty dishwasher. - Chesie Breen

45: If you're throwing a cocktail party, have fewer chairs than people. This will force your guests to circulate and mingle the good old-fashioned way. - Brad Ford

61: Crowd the table a little: with more people at the table, no one can ignore their neighbor. - Andrew Fisher

68: Stick your candles in the freezer for a couple of days prior to using them. The freezing will eliminate most of the messy dripped wax all over your furniture. - David Stark

69: Elegance: YES! Fussiness: NO! - Matthew White and Frank Webb

79: Glamorous informality is the name of the game. Dress up, even if you are serving hot dogs! - Simon Doonan

101: Don't leave without saying goodbye to the host. - Kathryn Ireland

Check out their cute (though slightly extravagant) recommendations for great hostess gifts...

And some wonderful advice to keep in mind while remodeling... (click to enlarge)

And how amazing is that fireplace surround??

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these articles, Tanja. I love to entertain, and these are awesome ideas. I'm going to spend some time looking around your site - I love your style!


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