04 October 2010

la mart sample sale: the white stuff

Hiya friends. It's time once again for a recap of the LA Mart semi-annual sample sale. (You can read last year's recap here.) In today's installment, we'll see how the white color trend is alive and well (which you know I love), and tomorrow, we'll see all the rest of the trends.

Gorgeous white accessories abound

White mirrors are big (literally and figuratively) too

Yes, I know that the sexy nailhead mirror above is not oriented the way I photographed it, but I snagged this for $135 and we'll be hanging it landscape-style over our fireplace (see the big reveal soon!).

White leather is all over, and lots with tufting, nailheads and other cool details

If you're into iconic midcentury reproductions, there were some incredible deals to be had

Bedroom sets in white are glossy and low-slung

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed this giant dining table (oh, and a place to put it)

Casegoods ran the gamut on style, but glossy white still ruled the day

Stay tuned for the rest of the trends that turned up at the sample sale in tomorrow's post. And if you missed last year's recap, check it out here.

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  1. i see some peach on the walls and fabrics too? i'm not sure how i feel about that.

  2. Some of that might just be my camera. I think there was only one peach wall, and that was just in a showroom that went through pretty much the entire rainbow over the course of all of their vignette "rooms." Definitely no peach fabric!


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