13 October 2010

unexpected source for affordable furniture and lighting

The "Great Nightstand Search" is still ongoing, despite living in our place for over a year and a half now, but it has recently led me to a surprising discovery:


Yes, KIDS. Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, Crate and Barrel's Land of Nod... they are amazing sources for smaller casegoods (like nightstands), desks and bookcases perfect for petite apartment living and a pretty amazing array of well-priced lighting.

Observe... (pronounced "ob-ZUR-ev," Bugs Bunny style)

White Blake Nightstand, from Land of Nod, $249
White Simple Nightstand, from Land of Nod, $199
Sleigh Side Table, from Pottery Barn Kids, $179
Cute Bedside Table, from Pottery Barn Teen, $129
Book Nook Bedside Table, from PB Teen, $199
Pop-Up Bedside Storage, from PB Teen, $199

All of those nightstands are white ones that I would actually consider for our bedroom, but there are lots more to choose from at prices way lower than similar pieces made ostensibly for grown-ups, in the same factories and with the same materials. One note of caution, though: many of the "white" pieces look white online but are actually the more cream-toned "antique white." Just something to keep in mind if you're a preferrer of  pure white as I am.

Check out some of the bargain lighting you can find on these sites, in many classic shapes and textures...

Capiz Chandelier, from PB Teen, $129 (available in several colors)
Coconut Shell Chandelier, from PB Teen, on clearance for $199
Fisherman Ceiling Lamp, from PB Kids, $69
Shine-On Task Lamp, from PB Teen, clearance for $49-59
Bubble Up Lamp, from PB Teen, $59 for base, $35 for assorted shades
Light Bright Study Lamp, from Land of Nod, $32
Light Years Lamp, from Land of Nod, $40 for the combo of base and shade
Hanging Around Lamp, from Land of Nod, $89

If you want something with a girlier vibe for your woman cave, look no further than the kids stores. They have -- hands down -- the best selection of girly lighting, and at prices that are almost shocking, considering what other places charge for similar items.

Doe A Dear Female Chandelier, from Land of Nod, $89
Natural Girls Chandelier, from PB Kids, clearance for $130
White Ella Chandelier, from PB Kids, $129
Tiptoe to the Tulip Lamp, from Land of Nod, $59
I'm a Little Teapot Lamp, from Land of Nod, $59

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