31 January 2011

one big mess

Do you ever have one of those times in life when everything feels on the verge of total chaos, and you don't want to talk about it? Not to be too overly dramatic -- since no one has died or anything and we still have our health and a roof over our heads -- but short of that truly tragic level of chaos, I do feel like things have been spinning out of control a little lately. Since I don't think of this blog as a diary (I'll leave that to other people with far more interesting lives), I've just been sitting on my hands and wallowing.

(And wouldn't you know... this period of silence just happened to coincide with a surprise mention of PoMoHo in Hooked on Houses that brought, oh, a few thousand hits. Fellow bloggers can appreciate what a cool thing that mention was, but what a bummer it was that the link came during a period of radio silence. Alas...)

I know that much of this feeling comes from the Never. Ending. Kitchen. Remodel. Mark and I have been through several renovations before, but none as disruptive as the kitchen project, and it is really wearing on us. We're all cranky and snippy, and it's all because of the renovation. Today we had this dumb argument about whether we should finish painting before we put the floor in, or wait to paint until after we had framed out the doorway, since the framing can't go in until after the floor. It got surprisingly heated. And for no good reason. Those of you who have lived through a remodel know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

Work is a whole other issue, and it has been a sudden deluge. With travel. Fun. (Did you see my post a few months back about the new TSA security procedures? Well I have now been felt up several times. And it wasn't so bad. I bet Katy Perry would say she liked it. Okay, lame pop music joke -- I'm trying!)

Anyway, big thank yous to several of you who've written, including to Lynn, one of my most dedicated readers, who wrote to say she missed my blog posts. I'm touched, truly. And I promise I have some fun posts that I'm cooking up... if I can just stay afloat for a few minutes to type them out.

And the kitchen? It's coming along, and it's gonna be such a huge improvement when it's done. But it's not done yet.

Also, that whole couponing thing? Um, yeah. I didn't quit exactly. More on this to come...

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  1. can't wait to hear about the couponing! i've been trying to get into it myself (thanks for the krazy coupon lady recommendation!) and let me tell you, it's been tougher than i thought.

  2. Tanja - I know what you mean, about life spinning out of control, even though nothing in seriously wrong. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day. Or if there are, you're just too burned out to do something meaningful or contstructive, and you just want to sit around and watch HGTV for a while (I miss HGTV. But I've been watching Selling New York on their website - I love that show).
    Anyway, hang in there! It will get better! Can't wait to see your finished product.

  3. Awww girl, everyone has those moments. And, although I've never remodeled a kitchen, I'm sure it would be a nightmare! I'm sure you can relate to being so crazy busy that if just one thing falls out of place, everything falls with it. I'm always teetering on that fine line!! Congrats on the FABULOUS mention though!!! Keep your chin up!!! You have a gorgeous home that will be even more fab with a kitchen reno. Just think of all the great party posts you can do when its done! Can't wait to read more.

  4. Hang in there - the disruption of this project is huge and I'm not surprised it's getting to you. Even when we had a contractor doing our kitchen remodel for us, we had lots and lots of cross words: it's a high pressure, high cost, low sleep time. Some of the nastiest moments in our marriage have been in Home Depot... enough said.
    Am cheering you on virtually!


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