25 February 2011

good bones

We design-minded folks are into good bones. A house with good bones... a room with good bones...

I would dare say that many of us would rather have good bones than an already-perfect home, because something that's already perfect isn't very DIY-friendly. But if a place doesn't already have good bones, then it's just lipstick on a pig.

Here's what we tend *not* to think about when we're talking good bones.

Yep, that's my left femur, tibia, fibula and patella. And I'm told they're all spectacular. How do I know? Because after three lovely days of skiing fresh powder in Alta, Utah, here's where I spent most of my afternoon:

Look how sweet and concerned Mark looks. Awwwwwwwwwwww.

Not to worry. I'm assured that I have good bones (read: lots of DIY potential), and mostly good ligaments, too. Just a bit of an ACL and MCL sprain that requires a brace and a week or two of hobbling around. But the snow was so good that I dare say it was worth it. :-)

For those of you who are into that sort of thing, here are some pics from the trip, precious few though there are. I'm the one dressed like a ninja with pink accents.

As for the knee injury, I won't go into detail about how it happened, because I'm told that describing how your knee twists 180 degrees will really oog some people out ("oog" is a technical term). But suffice to say that my new powder skis, which I've dubbed the She-Devils, made me do it. Just check out those eyes on the Rossignol S110Ws.

They're like the painting of Vigo in Ghostbusters 2. When you look into her eyes, you do crazy things.

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  1. Your blog is interesting, has left a great impression.
    Best wishes

  2. aaaah, that sucks! hope this didn't ruin your trip!

    though i must say, these pictures are lovely. i love the look of white, bright, powdery snow.

  3. Awesome pictures you took. Glad nothing is broken, take care of those bones. Just a few days re-coup and good as new.

  4. Feel better soon! H was quick to point out and label your X-ray-- "Look Mom, THIS is the upper leg, THIS is the lower leg..." Ha!

  5. Ooh, really sorry, I hope no lasting damage is done to your knee. Yes, definitely blame your skis. Are you now allowed extra helpings of unhealthy mountain food to help you recover?
    Hope Mark is pandering to your every need - take care!


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