28 February 2011

kitchen odds and ends

We made major progress this weekend in the kitchen, and are so so soooooo close to the final reveal! Can you tell that I'm EXCITED?!?!?!?!!!!

After two and a half months of kitchen mess, I am over it, so my excitement is as much about being able to clean up the rest of our 1000 square feet as it is about the end of the work and the joy of the new kitchen. (My mantra: "We're so close! We're so close!")

So check out some of these extra little bits of storage we've added, thanks to the nice folks at the Container Store, to help make our kinda dated kitchen a lot more functional.

This one is my favorite: the pullout shelves we added to the cabinet next to the stove. This is where we keep a lot of our pans and strainers, and it used to be a big mess with mysterious things hidden in the back. Now we can pull everything out and see it.

Those shelves are about $45 a piece, so not a total bargain, but worth it in our case for the functional storage.

Like our lower cabinets, our pantry is narrow and deep, so there's lots of potential for mystery things to lurk in the back and get totally forgotten. We added some door-mounted storage to make more of the contents accessible.

The top rack holds zip bags and aluminum foil and that sort of thing. The bottom one is regular pantry storage. Make sure if you install shelves like these that you check before you bust out the drill that everything will clear and doors will still close, shelves on the rack don't bump into shelves in the pantry, etc.

Have you added any hidden or more functional storage in your kitchen, or anywhere else in your casa? Please share your tips!

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  1. Oh my goodness...ALMOST ALMOST ALMOST!
    I can't wait to see the finished project.
    Not as much as YOU can't wait I'm sure, but we are all waiting just the same. I need to take some terribly ugly BEFORE pictures of our bathroom...we're getting very close to sledge hammer time.

  2. I want those pullout shelves so flipping bad!!! We're renting and i'm totally not upgrading my landlord's stuff just to move again in a few month so I'm bummed.. but I totally can't have these right now!

    so. flipping. jealous!

    enjoy!!!! I bet they rock! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I am totally coveting your cabinet organization Tanja! It is really coming together. I can only imagine how stinking excited you must be! Looking forward to the big reveal!

  4. Yay, pull-out shelves are SO worth it! You'll love them, I'm sure.

    I had a weird experience with a back-of-door spice rack in our kitchen; even though it technically 'fits' the width of the cabinet door, something odd happens whenever the door is opened; it sort of needs more room to swing out, and gets stuck on the adjacent door. Crazy stuff... now, we have to remember to open both doors. I'm still not sure I understand the physics of it, but your tip is right on target: check carefully before attempting to install these gadgets!


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