15 February 2011

skiing made you eat what?!

I'm sure you've noticed that it's really, really tough to eat healthily while traveling. For some reason, it's even harder for us to eat healthily while on ski trips, in part because few ski resorts even offer healthy options, and because with all that exercise, the greasiest foods quickly become the most tempting.

And sure, when faced with one cinnamon roll, or one big basket of fries, it doesn't look that bad. But I thought it would be eye-opening (and possibly horrifying) to put all of the food we eat while skiing together in one place.

Here are some of things we've eaten *just this year*... and the ski season isn't even half over.

And then there's the food en route to skiing, including the deadly Chik-fil-A in Elk Grove, on our way to Tahoe. (Those of y'all who live in the south have easy access to Chik-fil-A, but we don't, so this is a rare and special treat.)

And the food after skiing, like this diner meal in Truckee.

Or this food before skiing, at another diner in Truckee. (Yes, we ate that and then somehow managed to roll ourselves out of the restaurant and onto a chair lift. See the sprouts, though? At least I tried.)

Eeek! Horrifying, indeed! Do you have any times in life or travel when you find yourself indulging in your worst habits? Please share, so that I don't feel like a glutton all by myself. :-)

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  1. haha thanks for your honesty!!! I totally eat terribly when traveling. Road trips are the worst. Mmmmmm the chic fil a and the nachos look yummmm.... I mean, they look terrible! Bad! I love apples......no really.... I do....

  2. I love you... but I hate you right now.

    I want something cheesy and greasy and fantastically bad for me =) and it's toooo late for that with a full day's worth of calories sitting comfy in my belly.

    you suck

    j/k I really do heart you <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. What? Where's the fondue? :) I don't know if this counts, but last Easter I gained at least 5 pounds when I was in Greece. I ate like a pig for three weeks because I felt utterly deprived after too much dal and rice in India. I think I garnished every meal with a huge slab of feta. I figured I might as well live it up, because I could always lose the weight when I went back to my diet of dal and rice. :)

  4. i say if you eat healthy most of the time and have the occasional pig-out, it's definitely ok! how can anyone turn down cheesy nachos anyway?

    p.s. interview w/ the vampire is amazing so far! although, i can't place where it's going yet. i've heard about a lot of people reading it when they were younger which i'm pretty surprised about. i wasn't even aware that it was for a younger crowd (or is it?). anne rice has a unique way of describing and creating this imagery in your mind. definitely worth a re-read!

  5. Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY get where you're coming from. Even if salads are available, who wants one of those at 8000 feet when there are waffles instead??? And I think I've been in the Truckee diner so I know what mischief goes on there ;)


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