16 February 2011

subway tile is social tile

Can I tell you how much I am loving the new subway tile backsplash tile in our soon-to-be-finished kitchen? Yes.

Can I show it to you? No, at least not the whole thing, at least until it's all finished. I have to keep *some* suspense!

A little preview

Tiling a backsplash is about the easiest thing in the world, certainly a lot easier than reframing doors and moving heavy appliances, and rehanging cabinet doors all by myself. I'd go so far as to say that tiling a backsplash is downright relaxing. (Maybe that says more about how stressful work has been lately than it does about tiling, if you catch my drift.)

But at least for our kitchen, whether tiling was relaxing or not, at least it was social. My friend Edward came over to help, mainly so that he could learn how to tile. But the result was a lot of singing along to Lady Gaga. (I could post lots of quirky photos of Edward from various Halloween celebrations in West Hollywood, but I love him, so I'll be nice.)

And much as I'd love to tell you all the details about the process, I'm blogging from the airport, where it's possible I've had a little wine, and therefore my normally verbose blog will be more picture-heavy today. Fire away if you have Qs. :-)

My hatred of the tile saw is well documented (read this and this), so I used the scorer/snapper for this, and it worked swimmingly (with some tiles lost along the way, but at least subway tile is cheap).

Here's the first part of the process, starring Edward...

And then we ran out of thinset, so the party ended.

But I picked it right up the next morning (did I mention this was all the same weekend, when the cabinet doors, floors and trim all went in, and therefore part of the surprise for Mark?) for the slightly more challenging but still easy behind-the-stove tiling and side flanks. Behind the stove required some blue tape so the tiles didn't slide down while drying, since there was nothing on the wall below them to hold those bad boys up.

A few more pics for fun.

Boarding call! Gotta dash! (And my hearty thanks to T-Mobile for providing such smoking fast wireless at LAX!)

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  1. I am JEALOUS! Love me sme white tile. It is on my dream list...for one of these days! How fun for you!


  2. yay - i love subway tile! white or black grout? we did black in matt's shower, and although it doesn't show the dirt, i think white looks better. if i ever do my shower in subway (someday!) i'll do white grout.

  3. Our kitchen is black subway tile and white cabinets--and I LOVE it. Have you seen those tile tattoos? If you want to add a (temporary--non-damaging) splash of color or design over your tiles instead of into the tile design they are amazing.

  4. Lori -- What a cool idea! I will have to check it out.

  5. Beautiful job! I have to disagree (the relaxing part), though - the only time I tried to tile a backsplash, there had been just plain wall there before, and the added thickness meant that every time I tried to put the plates back on the switches, the tiles cracked. I don't mind confessing, I was in tears.... So pleased your story is happier!

  6. Ohhh those countertops make me so jealous!

  7. If you get this message in the next 24 hours can you let me know what size spacers those are in the tile? 1/8 or 1/16? joybell20@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Joy


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