31 March 2011

fallback food

Do you have a fallback food? You know, something you order if you can't decide or aren't in the mood for anything, or something you tend to order when traveling (assuming you're not traveling to some amazing culinary destination). Maybe it's what you cook on a weeknight when you feel uninspired.

One of the cool things about blogging is how it makes you keep more track of the things in your life that you would otherwise just forget about, or not recognize as a pattern. But looking back through the food photos over the past few months that I haven't posted, I noticed a pattern.

There's a whole lot of salmon going on.

Salmon in Chicago

Salmon in Dallas

Salmon in LA

For me, salmon is an easy choice. I love love LOVE salmon, we don't cook it at home that often, and it's a heck of a lot healthier than most hotel room service food. It also usually comes with veggies, which is better (health-wise, at least) than fries. But did you notice the rogue scallop in there? See! I mix it up sometimes. :-)

What's your fallback food?

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  1. bahahahahahaha! come eat some salmon in NC with me =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. if i'm home, then it's pizza for sure! you just can't go wrong with a piping hot slice. if i'm going out to eat...hmmm, not sure. i like to try a lot of new things, so i guess i don't have a fallback. but salmon is such a great choice! it's yummy and healthy. and i actually like the way other people prepare it (as opposed to cooking it myself). it usually ends up on the dry side when i make it.

  3. I thought the scallop was a funny-shaped piece of salmon!
    I've a feeling my fallback food is toast. It's not all that easy to order for dinner when traveling, though, so I guess I'm talking more about home-time fallback. :)

  4. Salmon is definitely not my fallback food. I'm not a seafood person. Sandwiches, pizza, and easy pasta dishes are my fallback choices.

  5. ha! In response to your comment, you are so not a dork! If hubs ever has an office/man cave in a house we buy someday he said he def likes maps and dark wood etc. I actually got him a vintage map of New Orleans for Christmas and he loved it! So yeah, all about it. In other news, my fall back food is probably chicken + a vegetable. I like that I can leave it in the oven for 45 minutes and go do other things!!! And am I having a blonde moment regarding your move? Are you MOVING to tahoe? Or finally finding your vacation home? I think I missed something big!!!

  6. thanks so much for the suggestion, tanja! i think i'll give that a try next time.


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