28 March 2011

my birch tree obsession

How much do I love birch trees? Sooooooo much. Though we have all kinds of ridiculously beautiful trees out here in California, like giant sequoias and coastal redwoods, foxtail and Jeffrey pines, and of course the Joshua Trees of the high desert, I have a total soft spot for the birch trees of my native Midwest. We even special ordered faux birch logs for our fireplace when we revamped it, both so the white color would pop more than a darker wood color and because birch is just so pretty.

When I saw the HGTV Dream House 2011, a fantastic example of mountain modern perfection in Vermont, and saw the master bath mirror, I had an "Aha!" moment that I need to incorporate birch into our future decor.

Fortunately, lots of people more creative and crafty than I have also decided that they love birch trees, and so there are all kinds of birch-inspired housewares and art ideas in the Etsysphere. How nice would all of these things look in a mountain modern getaway? That is, in addition to the Dream House mirror, which I will either find somewhere, make myself, or die trying.

From Priss Designs

From TRW Mosaics

From Red Bird Ink

From VeeDubz

From Bragging Bags

From dchampin

From Ebony Paws

From sp116

From Dapple Designs

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  1. ohmygosh. Your fireplace and "mantle" is absolutely GORGEOUS. (is it still a mantle, even without the traditional "shelf"?) I skimmed all your birch photos so that I could check out your gorgeous wall again. Love.

    ps - I have a fun giveaway on my blog today. You should check it out :)

  2. I have a thing for birch too! I bought a streetside painting of birch trees in estonia in the winter... and am OBSESSED with it! the trees are just so gorgeous!

    and btw girl -- you have an AMAZING sense of style/decor... like seriously -- help me decorate my office! =)


  3. I love the talented folk at Etsy - whatever my whim, I seem to be able to find it there :)


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