25 April 2011

restyling the patio and "garden"

The photographer comes tomorrow -- eeeeek!!! -- and so we've been working a lot to get our place photo-ready. Well, that is when we weren't away for five days from last Wednesday until last night, visiting the family for Easter, and all the while freaking out that I couldn't be home tidying things up.

Today's restyle update: the balcony and container "garden" (weird to think of a "garden" as a bunch of pots, but I've managed to grow a surprising amount out there over the last two years -- so it's a garden!).

For the last year, the balcony has been where I do a lot of potting and plant care, and where we did a lot of sawing, sanding and painting during our various renovations. That's my way of explaining that it was a yucky mess. But now it's nice and tidy, and I won't be embarrassed for the interwebs to memorialize it.

There's still lots of spray paint remaining on the table, and nothing I can do about it. The toughest part was scrubbing off all of the dirt and various yuckiness from urban living and rain. But it turned out acceptably well.

I'd thought about making skirts for the plastic shelves from outdoor fabric, to hide everything under the plants, but that was just too much to try to accomplish in a short time.

You know I can't resist an update on this year's plants (it's my version of showing off pictures of the grandkids), so here you go...

The arugula is growing like gangbusters, and the spinach is starting to put on some little leaves. I'm just hoping we can pick enough for a few salads before it gets too warm. Leafy veggies don't much like the heat.

The tomato plants are growing well, and we're starting to see more berries forming on the sungold and roma plants from last year (or the year before that for the former).

And my wall planter made from a shoe organizer is actually working this year, thanks to daily watering. The parsley, marjoram, cilantro and dill have all started sprouting.

Wish us luck tomorrow!

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1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to see your "grandkids" are doing well and sprouting! Hopefully you'll have a good harvest this year!

    Your balcony looks great...perfect place to sit with a cup of coffee and a good book :)


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