19 April 2011

we have nightstands!

And it only took two years to find them! (Don't believe me? You can read old posts here, here, here, here, and here that reference the Great Nightstand Search.) In fact, I had stopped the search, and that's when the perfect (and perfectly priced) nightstands appeared at last. Sounds like some parable, doesn't it?

Aren't they beauties? 

Just kidding. That's how they looked when I spotted them at HomeGoods, and they were even in different aisles, so at first I said to myself, "Aw, bummer. This is the perfect shape, but there's only one. I need a matched set." But then (cue the trumpets, please) a second appeared in the next aisle. Praise the lawd!

Months ago, I had seen one nightstand like this, which was perfect in my book, except that HomeGoods only had one of them.

The one that got away...

I've spent months lamenting that I didn't get that one, so when I found the two this weekend for the same price ($100 each), I actually started jumping up and down in the store. Not wild leaping and screaming, but more like sedate little hops with quiet "yays!" exclaimed to myself. I can still keep things in perspective. It's not like the Packers just won the Super Bowl or anything. Oh wait, they did. Well rest assured I did a lot more leaping and screaming back when that happened.

So back to the nightstands, they were a good price, but the green one had some damage on the top, good for 10% off. So averaging out the price of the two, I like to think that I got them for $95 a piece. Pretty amazing for my perfect nightstands. I have a major thing for bombe or bombay chests and nightstands, and those cabriolet legs? I rarely say things like "swoon," but for this it's totally true. The swoon of swoons. Or at least as much as any person should ever swoon over furniture.

I'm rambling. Can you tell I'm excited???

So I took my new nightstands home, hitting up the hardware store on the way home for some spray primer, a dropcloth, and some paint appropriate for furniture. And I didn't even take the nightstands inside. I just set up my dropcloth in the garage, and got right to work. I'm a fan of spray primer for things like furniture, though I went through about a can per nightstand... much pricier than the brush-on version.

One nightstand primed, the other yet to go. I used Kilz, which I think does the best job covering dark colors like navy blue.

It was hot as all get-out on Saturday, so the paint dried fast. In all, the priming and two coats of painting only took about three hours start to finish, with lots of breaks in between to do other stuff around the house.

The final drying.

(Note how the drawers are still in the chests? I would never do that on purpose, but these drawers are built in and don't come out. A nice feature for day-to-day use, but not ideal for painting purposes.)

By 5 p.m. we were bringing the nightstands upstairs, and we left them on their sides for a couple hours to make sure the feet were totally dry.

Early this morning I hit up Home Depot for some drawer knobs, since I didn't love the ones that came with it. I bought four different kinds, and chose these from Martha Stewart's collection, because they're nickel like almost everything in our place, but they're a little more aged looking, which feels right for furniture. Especially furniture like this which has a more traditional shape, even if I did it in a glossy white, modern finish.

And tada!

Totally worth the wait! And didn't break the bank at all. Doesn't get any better than that!

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  1. haha...I love your "sedate little hops"!! I too, break into those every now and then for great finds at the store.

    Love the tables though! Great find, great price.

  2. Beautiful! And yes, I was laughing about the "sedate little hops" too! I can totally picture that, ha!


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