04 May 2011

finishing the office

Every home has one: the room that becomes the dumping ground for the rest of the home, and has to serve a whole bunch of purposes. Since our condo is only two bedrooms, and we don't have any secret space like a basement or attic, that dumping ground naturally migrated to our office/guest room.

We have overnight guests on a fairly regular basis (we're four miles from the beach, after all), so we couldn't give the guest part of the room short shrift. But we also both work from home full-time, at least when we're not traveling for business, so the office function is essential too. Oh, and the room is only 11 feet by 13 feet, with a not-enormous closet that also has to hold all of our ski and camping gear.

That's how the office / guest room looked 12 hours before the photo shoot. No joke. It was kind of a disaster, and the closet was already pretty full. So I couldn't just cram a bunch of stuff in there.

I'll spare you the details, but after lots of frantic cleaning and organizing, here's how things turned out. Presentable at last!

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  1. Great job... it is incredibly hard when a home has no 'secret' dumping area. Even in my tiny tiny London flat, I was lucky to have access to some roof/attic space.
    I really like your blue wall color - it's just one wall, right? Great choice - it really helps balance the (necessary) stuff on the shelves and looks fab with the white boxes.

  2. WOW! I'm really impressed with your cleaning job! The room looks a million times better!

    We too, do not have a place for storing all our stuff, and it's HARD without one. I'm so ready to move to a bit bigger of a house so I don't always feel like there's clutter everywhere for lack of a better storage solution.


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