28 July 2011

getting closer, aka fun with mortgage lenders

I have been all ants in my pants over here, both wanting to share details about our soon-to-be new house with all my favorite readers, and not wanting to jinx anything with the whole mildly hellish mortgage process. I'm way superstitious like that.

But we've answered all the questions like...

Are you SURE you're going to make the new house your primary home? Yes, we're sure. We can't wait to live up in the Sierras because it is kick-your-ass beautiful, and Truckee is the coolest small town ever.

All those little $200 deposits into your savings account, can you explain those? Uh, we like saving? We sock money away whenever we can? Isn't that a GOOD thing?

You both state your employers as A and B, but on your paychecks it shows your employers as X and Y. Yeah, both of our companies use one name publicly but have a different legal name. Ever heard of "doing business as"?

Can you please provide an official statement of your homeowners association dues for your current condo? Official? In our tiny building? That's cute. How would you like some meeting minutes and a canceled check or two?

And now we're in the home stretch. Our loan is with underwriting for final approval (which is good, since our deadline to sign off on the financing contingency is *tomorrow*... eeek!).

Assuming all goes well, I can start sharing the whole stack of posts I've got lined up on the whole-house color palette we're thinking about, the layout and design for all of the rooms, the few improvements we plan to make (it's not a fixer, so there aren't a ton... at least not right away), our vision for landscaping (do you know how excited we are to have LAND to SCAPE?!), and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Thanks for sticking it out with me! ;-) Keep your fingers crossed that we have no more hurdles!

UPDATE: We got final loan approval late today, so it's on! Lots more good stuff to come.

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