02 August 2011


Faux taxidermy is so much of a trend these days that it's almost certainly uncool by now to put up new pretend animal trophies.

But I don't care.

Our new house is meant to be the fulfillment of our desire for a "modern ski lodge," and any ski lodge worth its salt involves some mounted animal heads. Preferring not to hang dead creatures on the wall, that means we're going faux. And there's plenty of inspiration out there...

Room by Brett Mickan, via Desire to Inspire

From Houzz

Since I haven't been able to find that gorgeous faux reindeer head from the pic right above, I've had to look all over for the best alternatives. Here are some of my favorites:

Probably my top pick, though hardly a bargain, the big resin moose head from Z Gallerie:

The uber-modern acrylic deer head from A+R Store, also seen in Jenn's swanky Denver ranch:

The more economical cardboard heads from Uncommon Goods:

Anthropologie's newsprint papier-mache version:

More papier-mache, from West Elm:

A more tongue-in-cheek version from Amy Jo Terry on Etsy: (And, of course, I wouldn't actually hang this on our wall, much as I appreciate the cleverness.)

What do you think of the fauxidermy trend? So last year, or going strong?

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  1. Good, I'm glad you're not going with the real ones. I'm not too fond of anything looking at me while I'm sleeping, but the Anthro one is my favorite... he looks friendly.

  2. I love it! I would totally hang one up in my house! It would be white of course! :)

  3. Hi! I'm pretty sure that the second photo is from Janell's house (from Isabella & Max Rooms). I'd shoot her an email and see if she can help you track one of those amazing mounts down. If not, those papier-mache ones are really awesome. So much detail!



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