01 August 2011

the green keeps coming

So in case y'all didn't see the little update I posted last week, let me share the news:

Our mortgage was approved, the inspector gave the house a clean bill of health, and soon this modern mountain beauty will be ours!

(Please forgive those slightly dated octagon windows. We'll be changing those up at some point down the road... not exactly a beginners DIY project, nor a cheap one.)

So, sadly, the title of this post is actually the opposite of true... home purchasing means the green keeps going, not coming. But just look at that pretty lawn... that's green that keeps coming. Which brings me to another point: We're going to OWN GRASS. I can't even tell you how excited I am to own grass and dirt and mole hills and pine needles. Ah, bliss...

But now I'm way off topic. I was gonna talk about decorating.

In my last post, I fawned over HGTV's Taniya Nayak's Boston condo and its sleek, neutrals-plus-green color scheme.

Well I really can't get that place out of my mind, and it has me totally inspired for our new place. One of the fun (meaning: not fun) things about buying a home 500 miles away is that you can't run over there and take more pictures (in fact we have none that we took, because my camera died during our house-hunting trip, so we're making do with the limited set the sellers sent us), and you can't check and see if, say, a paint color looks good with the existing woodwork in the house. So keep in mind that all of this could change, or at least shift, once we get into the house and actually test out some colors. It's totally bizarre, but it could happen that we will have been in the house exactly three times, and only three times, before it officially becomes ours (or 20 percent ours, 80 percent the bank's). Nuts, right?!

But back to green.

My love of modern greens like olive, chartreuse, lime, chive and sage is obvious to anyone who visits our home. It plays an accent role in every room in our home, whether it's a pillow, a lampshade, a lacquer Buddha, some storage boxes, our dining chairs, the paint on the wall or plants.

There's also a lot of blue in our current place, since we can't see a whole lotta sky from inside the condo. But our house won't have that problem, and we can let the blue come from outside all of those big picture windows.

The new house has a lot of pine wainscoting throughout, and pine-paneled vaulted ceilings. It is a mountain house, after all, and I don't think there's a single house in the entire Lake Tahoe region that is free of paneling. All that pine would look weird in the city, but it looks perfect up there. So pine is going to be a part of our color scheme whether we like it or not. Beyond that, I'm definitely feeling an "off-white + beige + brown + green + tiny touches of other contrasting hues" scheme for the house.

Want the first sneak peek of the inside, which I can share now that the jinxable parts of the process are behind us? Here goes...

Picture that room with all of the heavy, black pieces gone, a crisp off-white tone on the walls above the wainscoting, a big farmhouse table with Danish modern chairs, and some clean, off-white barrel chairs in the foreground living room. Then scatter some little pops of green around... a throw pillow on one of the chairs, a funky set of vases in the middle of the table, and a big, branchy plant. You feeling it?

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  1. Yay! Exciting news, Tanja!!! - And I'm loving the modern furniture idea for the modern house! I think the octagon window is cool and funky but toally understand you wanting to tweak things! Super excited for you!


  2. Oh, I'm sorry I'm behind on my reading but this is wonderful wonderful news and you are 100% entitled to be 100% excited!

  3. Love the sneak peek of the new place...and your description of what is to come sounds dreamy! Enjoy the dirt girl! :)

  4. Nooo! The octagon windows are cool! (yes, I'm a dork, and not a designer by any standard), but they lend so much character, and that little something that's unexpected. I'd play it up rather than give it the boot!

  5. I have to admit, when y'all first defended the octagons, I thought, "Huh? THOSE things?!" But now I am smitten with them and (at least for now) would not consider defacing our lovely windows. But who knows what we'll decide down the road.


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