08 February 2012

the sort of return of domino

Have you heard about this? Considering everyone's love for Domino, I know this is welcome news.

According to Ad Age's story, "Conde Nast brings back Domino Magazine... Sort Of," there will be two special editions of Domino coming out in 2012.

According to Ad Age:
It won't be a full-fledged relaunch in the style of Conde siblings Vanity Fair, which quit print in 1936 and came back in 1983, or House and Garden, which shut down in 1993, returned in 1996 and closed again in 2007. Rather, Domino is coming back as a newsstand-only special called "Domino Quick Fixes," a thick $10.99 standalone that Conde plans to sell on newsstands from mid-April through mid-July, the company said today. A second special edition of Domino is slated for next fall.

Like most newsstand specials, Domino Quick Fixes will carry fewer ad pages than a regular monthly magazine would. The Conde Nast Media Group will soon pitch advertisers on the issue. Also like many newsstand specials, Domino Quick Fixes will comprise a mixture of new and previously published content.
What excellent news!

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  1. Oh Yay! I'll be on the look out for it! And, very interesting about Vanity Fair, I had no idea is was out of publication for so long; granted I was a tot when it return but still very interesting.


  2. OH my goodness! I miss Domino Magazine so very much. I still visit the Flickr page of Domino Archives for constant inspiration! Cannot wait!



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