05 April 2012

musical chairs in LA

I haven't shared anything about our place in LA in a long time, so I thought I'd give a little update. We've been spending more of our time in Truckee this winter, since winter = ski season, my most favoritest of all seasons. But we've had a few weeks here and there in LA, and the distance helped me see that our old furniture arrangement, above, just wasn't using the living room to its best advantage. Namely, it was obscuring the fireplace we worked so hard to update and show off.

Here's another, more recent, photo of the old furniture arrangement.

One more:

And here's how it looks now, after a few rounds of musical chairs.

No idea what we'll do with the wall space over the couch -- or if we'll do anything with it. But now the fireplace feels like the focal point it was always meant to be. And even though the photos may not show it, there's plenty of space to get around the couch into the hallway.

Another bonus: the couch is now the first thing you see when you come in the front door, which I'm told is good staging, and makes a home look welcoming. At any rate, it's better than the first view being of the TV.

What do you think? Better now? Or better before?

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  1. It looks so good! The fireplace looks amazing now! And I love the credenza next to it! :)

  2. I like it! And that beautiful fireplace deserves to be a focal point!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!! So glad you've been spending more time in Truckee, though - I bet its beautiful there too!

    So glad you can come to the blogger meet up on the 2nd... I have you on my little list! :)

  4. Major improvement! It's amazing what a little shuffling of furniture can do for a space!

  5. I think that I liked it a little better the 1st time. But you have great taste either way!!!!

    1. Thanks, Julie, for the honest reaction! I agree the new arrangement is not perfect, but I'm preferring it at the moment. :-)

  6. I love it! Our townhouse also has a diagonal fireplace like that in the corner. I can't seem to get even just a couch and chair placed quite right. Our tv hangs over it, and it would be much simpler if it didn't, but there was a dang nook there which my husband couldn't ignore.

    Of course I want to re-tile the fireplace too...but that's not even on the radar yet ;)

    1. Don't you want to interrogate people who build homes this way? "What ever made you think a diagonal wall, especially a diagonal wall with a fireplace, was a good idea?!?!?!"

  7. Tanja darling, I missed your blog so much! Keeping up with blogging is like bootcamp sometimes. But I'm back. :) I see everything is stylish and fab for you as always. Okay so I gotta say, I think the "before" is supremely better. Much more harmony there, the latter looks crowded. What did you think?


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