11 April 2012

office update, and a curtain decision

Print from Sweet Harvey on Etsy

I believe that my office now has it all. That makes it true, right? Today's post is about why it's good to let yourself change your mind. I'm so glad I let myself do it. 

Here's how my office looked when I officially declared it "done":

Looking back, I think, "Ugh! How busy!" Not to mention that the dark blue wall, single recessed light, one tiny window and dark-toned curtains weren't helping one little bit.

The space needed some major lightening up. Less stuff, less darkness, more white. The heights of things were also feeling weird and unbalanced.

The first place to start: the dark and busy curtains, which I so proudly blogged about sewing here:

Dark, busy and not long enough because I didn't have enough fabric to bring them all the way down to the desk.

In my pro-originality, anti-blog tirade (to which so very many of you kindly chimed in to agree -- thanks!), I hinted that the frontrunner for new curtains was the "Khanjali" print by Robert Allen, in the "glacier" color.

And that, my friends, is what eventually won out. Check out my new office curtains! (Sewed by moi. I made them the same way I made the first set of curtains.)

Just like with my new footrest in the family room, I love that the curtains give me an inexpensive, non-committal way to bring some trendy ikat into the house. You already know that I'm willing to scrap curtains that I don't like for new ones!

See how they fall all the way to my desk now? Ooh la la.

I love that, even though the curtains are a print, they are a subtle and mellow print, so the overall effect is light and not at all busy. The linen-toned background color also helps brighten the space up a ton.

You may have also noticed that there's a lot less stuff on the desk now, too. That is definitely by design. I got rid of (almost) all the stuff that didn't need to be on the desk, I added some wall-mounted magnetic file holders (which are white to boot, which ups the overall brightness) to get the files off my desk, and added a few more framed prints that come to the same height as the curtains and help balance things out.

Here's how my office looks now.

I did add one thing to the desk surface, for a splash of green and a little height opposite the big, blue wall: a little moss topiary.

And a little birdie on the windowsill.

Aside from the curtains, the biggest changes are all on the blue wall.  A few framed prints and inspirational sentiments carry some lighter tones higher up the wall, which does a ton to brighten the space.

And these magnetic, white file holders add extra height and brightness, too, while getting unwanted but necessary file folders off of my desk surface. Hooray for that. 

To save you from scrolling back up, here's the before again:

And the after:

So much better, right? At least that's what I think today. ;-)

I'm sure there will still be changes to come, since every room keeps evolving, at least at our house.

What else would you change if this were your office? I'm sure I won't stick with the dark turquoisey blue for the long haul, but I still like it for now. And I love the functionality of the space overall. But I'd love suggestions on other tweaks I can make to help it look and feel even better.

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  1. It looks so good! :) The new curtains are my favorite part!

  2. Looks great! More airy and less clutter achieved! I really like the file folders on the wall. Super cute and functional!

  3. I love that you put your files on the wall as well. They are both functional and provide aesthetic since they are magnetic and you have beautiful things pinned to them! Great work on the curtains...my sewing machine and I are not on speaking terms with each other. I did get to converse with my staple gun though over the weekend (headboard update coming soon, I promise ;-)

  4. Looks awesome girl! Our apartment is a smidge dark as well and I'm not sure exactly how to brighten it up without making it hotter than it is with it's no air-conditioning self. Hmmm anyway LOVE your room!!!

  5. Hi, I found this post via Pinterest. Love the curtains! I'm having curtains sewn in the same Robert Allen khanjali print and I was just curious if you lined the curtains? I'm trying to decide, based on your pictures if I should line them or not. Thanks! Cherish (cherishberna@gmail.com)

    1. No lining, and I like them that way. Since it's my office, I don't want them to block as much light as I would in, say, the bedroom. So I like that they are more translucent without any lining. Enjoy your new curtains!

  6. I've been eyeing this fabric for a while, so it's nice to see a full length of is used in a project for a better visual. I'm thinking of doing a duvet cover. Nice work on the office! :-)


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