31 May 2012

romi's barnyard party

Our awesome neighbors Merri and Justin have been so generous since the day we moved in: hosting us for dinner (which always includes gluten-free fare, even before I knew I needed it), lending us yard tools we don't yet own, and sharing lots of general mountain living know-how. So when they told us they were hosting a birthday party for their daughter Romi's birthday, I knew it would be a great party.

What I did not know was how ridiculously cute a party it would also be. But lesson learned! Check out the farm-themed fun.

Lots of activities for the tiny tots...

Merri helps Orland find some sticker-filled eggs.

The duck pond was my personal favorite. I kinda wanted to jump in there and grab all those little duckies. Except that it was about 40 degrees out.

Of course you know the food was all of the grown-ups' favorite part.

The pink cupcakes were gluten-free. Huzzah! 

The goodies to take home were awesome, too! Kids could enjoy goodie bags with coloring pages and more stickers, and we snagged some barn cookies for Mark and homemade peanut butter cups for me (oh, okay, I guess I can share).

So fun. I only wish that I could throw a parties with that much of a theme for grown-ups! (Maybe I can... stay tuned!) Thanks, Merri and Justin, for an awesome time. And happy birthday, Romi!

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  1. Such an adorable birthday theme!! Love it!

  2. Super fun! And glad to hear you have such wonderful neighbors! Such a huge blessing!

  3. That little tot in the overalls and bandana is the cutest thing I have EVER seen!

    1. Oh my gosh, I know! I was trying not to stalk him! :-)


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